Q. How can we avoid multiple service visits to fix the same issue?

A. Our factory-trained technicians will arrive on the job with a service truck fully stocked with original equipment manufacturers parts. And, when the going gets really tough, we offer instant response by experienced field supervisors to fix those more challenging issues.

Q. Does your Company respond quickly? Will I have a different service technician every time?

A. We offer guaranteed rapid response by a dedicated team of technicians who are knowledgeable about your locations, equipment history and needs – which means that they can get you back in business quicker than the other guys.

Q. How can I control high food service equipment spending and manage the costs more effectively?

A. We offer White Glove Service Contracts and a comprehensive maintenance program that is designed to control costs.

Q. Can you help with new project design or existing location equipment upgrades?

A. Yes! Whether it’s a renovation to an existing location or a plan for a new project build out Americold is ready & able to help! We have built a reputation with restaurateurs, kitchen designers & equipment dealers as the preeminent refrigeration design & install house in the New York market. From new hotel or restaurant kitchen layouts requiring sophisticated parallel rack systems to a simple low boy or walk in change out Americold is ready to help. We currently operate five full time install teams. These are not service techs. They are installers who do this type of work all day every day. They are properly equipped & trained in all of the latest piping techniques & utilized all of the rapidly evolving new materials & technologies. This is undoubtedly our fastest growing business segment. We do our own in house CAD drawings and are able to provide project management up & down the east coast.

Q. Does a service contract or maintenance agreement make sense for me?

A. Great question! The answer is maybe! Our full service contracts  & maintenance agreements are designed to meet the needs of most food service operations especially those who are subject to Health Department inspections & the new D.O.H. grading system. Specifically within the five boroughs at this time but D.O.H. initiatives are coming to Long Island in the not to distant future. We will be blogging about this in the weeks to come. There are certainly some customers for who contracts & even the modified “maintenance agreements” might be over kill. If your operation is small & not super high volume we can show you some simple and easy housekeeper measures that will go a long way. For most larger high volume operations where the equipment is under constant stress service contracts & maintenance agreements probably make sense. Each of these programs is built on the premise that regular & aggressive preventative maintenance will reduce emergency service. Our maintenance department is different than you may have seen in the past. We don’t use techs who have free time to do maintenance. Our maintenance people are trained and their trucks are equipped to do professional maintenance. Maintenance visits are scheduled well in advance and are timed to suit your needs. Because we don’t use over qualified technicians to do maintenance we can do it less expensively. This helps to keep contract pricing down & while we are not the least expensive guys around we believe we give you a lot for your money. By reducing emergency service through aggressive preventative maintenance we can help you get control of your refrigeration related spending.

Q. What are the benefits of full service contracts & maintenance agreements?

A. I could write for hours on this subject but the short version is this. First let me tell you what the terms mean. A full service contract generally includes preventative maintenance and the labor to perform most (not all) normal repairs during normal business hours. It does not cover the labor for cabinet repairs or major component replacement and obviously our representatives can provide detailed explanations of the limits of coverage available. Neither the full service contracts nor the maintenance agreements cover parts. Maintenance agreements are sort of a hybrid between a contract and time & material service. You get on going preventative maintenance throughout the year but you pay for parts & labor on an as needed basis. In either case you get reduced labor rates, reduced or eliminated travel charges, guaranteed response times, tagging of equipment so we can monitor service, membership in our Rapid Response Program which scrambles a technician to you location should the D.O.H. happen to show up! (and they will!!) . In addition an account supervisor will oversee all aspects of your service. From post maintenance follow up reports to 24/7 availability he or she will be available. There is so much more to tell you. We would lover the opportunity to meet with you!  Call us today for a no obligation, free consultation.


Q. How can I reduce spending on emergency service?

A. This is an easy question to answer. Proper & regular preventative maintenance will, over time, dramatically reduce your need for costly emergency service. Moreover, it will reduce equipment down time & product loss. Regular maintenance will also go a long way towards keeping you prepared for those unannounced Health Department inspections.

Q. What can I expect from Americold in the event that I need emergency service at night or on a weekend or Holiday?

A. You can expect a rapid response from both our customer service department as well as from our factory trained field technicians. Whenever you call Americold you will speak to a live customer service representative who will make sure that your service emergency is resolved quickly & appropriately. You will be kept informed at all times. You’ll never have to wonder, “What’s going on? Is the tech on his way?” If we say we’re on it, WE’RE ON IT!

Q. Can you provide service on new equipment that may be under a factory warranty?

A. Yes! With thirty plus years in business we are well known to the factories. We are factory authorized by most, if not all equipment manufacturers selling in the New York market. With the ability of our customer service people to track & research most manufacturers warranties through their data bases we can simplify the service process for you by billing the factories directly.

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