Case Study: Pret A Manger

When Pret a Manger revitalized an old American tradition – the sandwich – by focusing on handmade natural sandwiches free of chemicals, additives and preservatives, they ran into a challenge given their special needs: a scalable refrigeration system that would support their more perishable products. Their existing refrigeration system wasn’t able to keep up with their growing business and led Pret to experience equipment breakdowns and downtime, inefficient refrigeration and store closings as a result of Health Department violations.

Pret a Manger turned to AmeriCold in 2014 after hearing of their reputation of integrity and unmatched expertise. AmeriCold conducted an AmeriCheck Evaluation – an in-depth inspection of every store and all equipment. Upon completing the evaluation, AmeriCold delivered a detailed roadmap on improving Pret’s refrigeration system with prioritized repairs, cost saving and efficiency boosting recommendations.

In just a few short months, AmeriCold was able to turn Pret a Manger’s refrigeration systems around. AmeriCold’s expertise instilled confidence and boosted morale among Pret’s staff, while showing the management team the importance of constant maintenance upkeep. The two companies were able to agree on a customized maintenance agreement where AmeriCold’s technicians would work after hours, for minimal production disruption and maximum efficiency. After just a few short months, Pret a Manger was able to quadruple productivity by improving the reliability of their equipment. AmeriCold also helped lower their ongoing maintenance cost, and receive A ratings from the Department of Health for all 104 stores.

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